North East school leaders hear from HMIs in Spring Term Briefing

Schools leaders based central and south of the region attended the Spring Term Ofsted Briefings organised by SCHOOLS NorthEast today.

Delegates heard from Her Majesty’s Inspectors David Brown and Joan Hewitt.

Ms Hewitt urged Head Teachers not to worry regarding Ofsted visits, saying: “Please don’t do it for Ofsted, do it because it’s right.”

Her Majesty’s Inspectors discussed the need to work across boundaries to break down regional disparities in schools and improve performance: “we need to think about the North East community. We need to work together across the region to improve.”

The inspectors also brought evidence of the excellence of primary schools in the region, showing that 99% of primary schools in North Tyneside were judged Outstanding by Ofsted, in comparison to 64% in Doncaster.


Each term, the briefing sessions will have a specific theme and governance was the topic discussed during the Spring sessions. The inspectors advised Multi-Academy Trusts to let HMIs know in advance of their school’s governance structure and delegation of powers, adding that the information should be available on the MAT’s website. They also mentioned that equality, safeguarding, and keeping pupils safe (particularly online) is essential knowledge for governors. They need to have a clear vision and ambition for the school.

Assessment without levels was also discussed, and from the HMIs’ point of view it is “far more liberating”.

Interested in hearing from the HMIs in person? The Spring Term Ofsted Briefing in the North of the region will take place Tuesday, 8 March. SCHOOLS NorthEast will host update sessions each term in conjunction with Ofsted, across the region to maximise the opportunity for school leaders to attend.

To book your place for the North session, please email


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