Parents plan to take children out of school for a day in protest of difficult Sats exams

Plans to boycott Year 2 Sats exams are underway, as parents decide to take their children out of school on 3 May as a form of protest against stressful testing.

The parents argue that the exams are over-demanding and leave six and seven-year-olds unnecessarily anxious over tests that do not affect their future options, as they are used to make sure the school is supporting their development effectively.

Speaking to ITV Tyne Tees, SCHOOLS NorthEast Director Mike Parker said: “It is deeply tragic that parents feel it is their last recourse to take their children out of schools – it shouldn’t happen and the Government needs to listen.

“But we are concerned about boycotting as a means of protest. The best place for young people is in school. What message is this protest sending and is it the most effective?

“Write to your MP, to the Education Secretary, to the Chair of the Education Select Committee and lobby them directly. That would be much more effective.”

Year 2 Sats exam dates are not set by the Government, but by each school individually throughout the month of May.




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