97% of North East teachers who move jobs stay within the region

The majority of North East teachers choose to remain in the region when changing jobs, research from the Education DataLab shows.

Statistics position the North East as the region with the highest number of professionals who stay within their region’s boundaries. About 100 teachers leave the North East to work in a different area, with less than half of them choosing the neighbouring region – Yorkshire and the Humber.

After speaking to Head Teachers in the region, SCHOOLS NorthEast identified recruitment as one of their key concerns and created a solution – Jobs in Schools | North East, the region’s most cost-effective jobs portal created by schools, for schools.

Jobs in Schools | North East attracts thousands of candidates from across the region and beyond, and has already helped over 100 schools fill their vacancies since February.

Derryth Hope, Head Teacher at Berwick Middle School in Northumberland, had experienced considerable difficulties with recruitment previously, including taking 18 months to recruit a maths teacher in 2014: “I have advertised for several teaching positions over the years and, at different times, have had little, and on some occasions, no response even when we’ve used a very expensive national advertiser.

“This time we used the Schools NorthEast site and received 9 applications for a main scale post. What was really pleasing was the quality of the candidates – it was very difficult to decide who to ‘sift out’ at the shortlisting stage!”

Schools are able to upload unlimited vacancies for as little as £200 per year. If you are interested in finding out more or in signing up to the recruitment portal, please call us on 0191 204 8866 or email info@jobsinschoolsnortheast.com  .




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