SCHOOLS NorthEast ensures school concerns are heard in Westminster

North East Head Teachers had their concerns over the National Funding Formula and compulsory Ebacc subjects represented in Parliament by a member of the Education Select Committee.


During Education Questions regarding school funding on Tuesday, Catherine McKinnell MP for Newcastle North repeatedly cited SCHOOLS NorthEast evidence when asking the Secretary of State for Education about proposed school funding changes which risks fuelling the North-South divide in education.

Under new plans, the Government intends to pay schools on a per pupil basis with the total amount calculated based on 11 different factors such as low prior attainment, deprivation and sparsity. But, it then intends to add a multiplier effect – an area cost adjustment – to give more money to schools in high cost areas so they can pay teachers more.

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan replied: “I would completely disagree with that assertion. I ask the hon. Lady to ensure that she and the schools in her area take part in the next stage of the consultation. She should not forget the funding that has already been allocated by my right hon. Friend the Chancellor as part of the northern powerhouse fund for schools.”

The Department for Education held a consultation on the national funding formula proposals to which SCHOOLS NorthEast submitted a response urging the Government to “remove the area cost adjustment because the rationale was flawed and that it would potentially encourage migration of teaching talent to areas with greater funding, in the midst of an already worrying recruitment crisis.”

Ms McKinnell also led a debate in Parliament on Tuesday regarding an e-petition calling on the Government to rethink the exclusion of all creative, artistic and technical subjects from the English Baccalaureate. Ms McKinnell contacted SCHOOLS NorthEast last month asking if we can canvass opinion and collate responses to feed into the debate – you can read Head Teachers’ responses from across the region here.

The North East MP quoted one of the Head Teachers during the Ebacc debate, in a question addressed to the Schools Minister: “What does the Minister really think will be the result of forcing all schools, which are already hard-pressed, to enter 90% of their pupils for the EBacc? A headteacher and member of the organisation SCHOOLS NorthEast has commented that the EBacc creates a “false hierarchy of subjects”. ” A transcript of the entire debate is available to read here.

SCHOOLS NorthEast is unique nationally in being the only regional body for schools to voice issues regarding Government education policy. If you want to get more involved in shaping the debate, please contact our Director, Mike Parker –




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