Gateshead in top ten best performing LA areas at SATs

Primary schools in Gateshead managed to break into the top 10 best performing across the country at KS2.

The recently published statistics on national curriculum assessments at KS2 show that the Local Authority area jumped 34 places from last year, becoming the ninth best in England, preceded only by London areas and Trafford in Greater Manchester.

Redcar & Cleveland, the region’s previous highest performing LA area at SAT level, fell 14 places to number 17.

The table below compares the national position of all 12 North East LA areas this year to last year’s:


Nationally, 27% fewer pupils in England met the expected standard in their end of KS2 assessment due to the change from levels to scaled scores. Whilst this means that the two years’ results are not comparable, it is still significant that the North East was the region with the smallest drop of 26%.

Regionally, 56% of North East pupils reached the expected standard in reading, writing and maths – a close second to London (57%) and higher than the proportion in all English schools (53%) and English state schools (52%).

The highest drop in attainment across the region was experienced by Hartlepool and Middlesbrough (30%).


2 thoughts on “Gateshead in top ten best performing LA areas at SATs

  1. Dean Marshall

    Not sure where the data for this chart came, however HT’s in Sunderland received a letter from the LA at the end of July, stating Sunderland’s RWM combined at ‘expected’ standard was 60%, not 56% shown here.


    1. Hi Dean,

      Thank you for your question. The data comes from DfE statistics on National curriculum assessments at KS2 2016 (provisional), published on 1 September. You can access them here: . The data in the chart can be found in the National, LA and Regional tables (table L1).

      Please let us know if you have any further questions. You can also email us on .

      Best regards


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