Education Committee Primary Assessment Inquiry: your thoughts

On 23 September, the House of Commons Education Committee launched an inquiry into primary assessment. According to the Committee’s website, “This inquiry scrutinises reforms to primary assessment and their impact on teaching and learning in primary schools. It also covers the wider effects of assessment on primary schools, as well as possible next steps for Government policy.”

The topics that this inquiry will be covering are as follows:

– The purpose of primary assessment and how well the current system meets this;
– The advantages and disadvantages of assessing pupils at primary school;
– How the most recent reforms have affected teaching and learning;
– Logistics and delivery of the SATs;
– Training and support needed for teachers and senior leaders to design and implement effective assessment systems;
– Next steps following the most recent reforms to primary assessment.

It was clear from the SCHOOLS NorthEast Summit last week that primary school leaders in the region have strong feelings on assessment and we are keen that the voice of North East schools is heard. We will therefore be submitting a response to this consultation on behalf of our schools.

We would really appreciate you taking the time to fill out this survey, which will determine the content of our submission.


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