Spring-term Ofsted briefings: Concerns around off-rolling pupils

The spring-term Ofsted briefings organised by SCHOOLS NorthEast took place on Wednesday 5 April at two locations North and South of the region.

This term’s briefings had a focus on careers guidance and Ofsted’s National Lead for economics, business and enterprise, Adrian Lyons, gave advice to school leaders from across the North East. Senior HMI Joan Hewitt also spoke at the event.


Ms Hewitt said the new HMCI is placing a strong focus on the curriculum, which was announced by Amanda Spielman as the subject of the “first big thematic Ofsted review” of her tenure.

As part of its”Big Conversation” around curriculum, the inspectorate will consult with their National Leads and will survey school leaders.

The Senior HMI also mentioned inspectors have concerns around the issue of off-rolling in schools and will be taking this into consideration in future inspections, as it poses real questions as to the quality of leadership of management in a school.


Regarding good careers guidance, HMI Adrian Lyons urged school leaders to prepare young people to become citizens, as well as for the world of work. Mr Lyons mentioned examples of good careers guidance provision in primary schools and explained how this can be applied and built upon at secondary level.

Robert Halfon, Minister for Apprenticeships and Skills, recently confirmed that a comprehensive careers strategy for all ages will be published later this year.


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