Big increase in pupils achieving ‘expected standard’ in Key Stage 2 SATs

On Tuesday (4 July) the Department for Education released the interim 2017 Key Stage 2 attainment figures to provide “some context around the national curriculum assessment results returned to schools”.

61% of pupils reached the expected standard in reading, writing and mathematics this year, compared to just 53% last year. Scaled scores – which indicate how many marks pupils need to achieve the expected standard were also released.

Performance in all areas of assessment has improved compared to last year as the graph below shows:


This data is just provisional and more information will be published at the end of August. This will include breakdowns by local authority and school type, which will give a better idea of how North East schools have done compared to last year.

School level data will be published in December.


Scaled scores

The marks required to achieve the expected standards (100) in the following tests were as follows:

  • Mathematics: 57 out of 110 (60 in 2016)
  • Reading: 26 out of 50 (21 in 2016)
  • Grammar, punctuation and spelling: 36 out of 70 (43 in 2016)

The average scaled scores for each of these has increased compared to last year:

  • Mathematics: 104 (103 in 2016)
  • Reading: 104 (103 in 2016)
  • Grammar, punctuation and spelling: 106 (104 in 2016)

You can view the full tables of scaled scores here.


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