Have your say on Ofsted short inspections

SCHOOLS NorthEast would like your views on the changes that Ofsted has proposed and would appreciate it if you took the time to fill out this very short survey.

As we reported a few weeks ago, Ofsted is proposing two key changes to the short inspection process, which were introduced for “good” schools in 2015:

  • At the moment if inspectors decide that a short inspection should convert into a full inspection, this will take place within 48 hours. Ofsted is proposing  to extend this period so that the full inspection will take place within a maximum of 15 working days of the short inspection.
  • Ofsted is proposing that some “good” schools should receive full inspections from the outset instead of a short inspection if “published information, Ofsted’s regional intelligence and Ofsted’s risk assessment process indicate that there will be a need to collect more evidence than is routinely gathered on a short inspection to reach a judgement about the school”.

The deadline for submitting responses is Friday 18 August 2017 and we would urge you to respond using this online form if you have strong opinions on these proposals.

SCHOOLS NorthEast will also be responding on behalf of schools in the region and we would like your input. Please fill out this brief survey and we will incorporate your views into our response.



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