SCHOOLS NorthEast welcomes new Trustee

Hilary French, Headmistress at Newcastle High School for Girls, has been elected as the new Trustee representing independent schools.

Trustees have legal responsibility for the Charity and, much like school governors, are responsible for setting the strategic direction of our charitable work, ensuring we are financially sound and compliant with charity law.

One of our longest standing trustees, Bernard Trafford, has stood down as Trustee of SCHOOLS NorthEast following his retirement as Headmaster of RGS Newcastle last week. The other Trustees agreed that he should be replaced by another representative from the independent sector.

Two candidates came forward – Hilary French, Headmistress of Newcastle High School for Girls, and Kieran McLaughlin, Headmaster of Durham School – and the Head Teachers of our Partner Schools voted to elect Bernard’s replacement.

Hilary, who previously served on our Advisory Board as the representative for independent schools, was elected with 59.7% of the vote. Kieran will replace Hilary on the Advisory Board.

In her statement to Partner Schools, Hilary promised to “bring passion, commitment, dedication and a strong sense of purpose” to the role. We look forward to working with both Hilary and Kieran.

We would also like to thank Bernard for his commitment to SCHOOLS NorthEast and education in our region and wish him all the very best for his retirement. He will be greatly missed.


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