New cadet units in NE aim to boost social mobility 

New cadet units are being introduced in state schools in the North East to boost social mobility, it has been announced.

An independent report by the University of Northampton shows that cadet units increase social mobility and help disadvantaged children reach their full potential.

Defence Secretary, Sir Michael Fallon, has announced that the state schools featuring the cadet units will be:

Acklam Grange School, Lodore Grove, Middlesbrough

Manor Church of England Academy Trust, York

Scarborough UTC, Scarborough

The King’s Academy Middlesbrough

The government also plan on increasing the amount of cadet units, through their Cadet Expansion Programme, to 500 by 2020.

Situated in areas pinpointed as having high deprivation and with a high ethnic minority representation, the new units focus on schools in these areas as part of the government’s plan to ‘build a country that works for everyone’.

Speaking at the Albion Academy, Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said “I want more young people from all backgrounds to have the opportunity to be cadets. Cadets help instil values of discipline and loyalty. They develop leadership skills and confidence. For too long cadet units have been the preserve of independent schools but thanks to this Conservative Government more children in state schools will reap the benefits.”

Compiled by the University of Northampton, the report undertook research across the entire cadet programme and found:

  • Cadet Forces contribute to increasing social mobility and decreasing social disadvantage
  • Children excluded from school who join the Cadets are more likely to have improved attendance and behaviour on their return to school.

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