Neil Carmichael lifts lid on Education Committee at SCHOOLS NorthEast AGM

Neil Carmichael, former Chair of the Parliamentary Education Select Committee, addressed delegates at the SCHOOLS NorthEast Annual General Meeting last Friday, discussing the importance of education in driving economic growth and his extensive work with SCHOOLS NorthEast whilst chairing the Committee.

He opened the lid on the horse trading between Government departments to secure funding from the Treasury. Mr Carmichael said the NHS has an easier time securing funding because of the sense of pride people have in it, which is unfortunately not mirrored in the way people see the education system.

He mentioned his exasperation with Ministers’ belated recognition of the recruitment and retention crisis in teaching. Discussing the importance of evidence based education, he also recalled challenging Ministers as Chair of the Committee on the lack of evidence to support their claims that an expansion of grammar schools would be a boon for social mobility.

The SCHOOLS NorthEast AGM is attended by Trustees, Board members and representatives from our Partner Schools. To find out more about our Partner School scheme, click here.  


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