Kenton School’s Behaviour Policy receives national attention

A secondary school in Newcastle has this week received national attention for including litter picking in its Behaviour Policy review.

Kenton School, which has over 2000 pupils, was featured in the media earlier in the week for it’s alternative punishments which included community work.

Speaking to School North East, Sarah Holmes-Carne, Principal at Kenton School, said: “This is nothing unusual – we are reviewing our Behaviour Policy as key staff have changed. This review is just formalising what we have done.

“Punishments are quite futile – sitting in a detention isn’t constructive when children could be giving back to the school community. Pupils can earn their detention time back unless they wanted to choose the litter picking option.”

Speaking about how litter picking can develop life and personal skills, Ms Holmes-Carne said: “It’s not to humiliate but to get children to think about being part of the community. Giving thought and giving back.

“We don’t implement any policies until we consult with pupils, parents and teachers. At Kenton we encourage parents to come in and give their views. This policy has been overwhelmingly positive in the feedback.

“The aim is to help children build relationships and be co-operative rather than compliant. We want to work with the students to help them become part of the community.”

You can read media coverage in The Evening Chronicle, The Mirror and the Telegraph.



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