MPs to debate Gateshead Heads’ funding petition

Parliamentary time has been allocated for debate on a school funding petition launched by the Gateshead Heads’ Forum. MPs are set to discuss the matter on 4 March at 4:30PM.

The campaign was spearheaded by Andrew Ramanandi, Head Teacher of St Joseph’s Catholic School in Blaydon. In response to the news Mr Ramanandi said:

Head Teachers across Gateshead are pleased that the petition they initiated has resulted in a debate in Parliament. 

At the end of November last year, we sent parents a letter to let them know how the lack of sufficient funding was affecting our schools. We encouraged them to sign an online petition to ask the government to fund schools sufficiently and fairly by increasing school funding. 

They did and the petitions committee listened.

 On Monday 4th March a debate will take place in Westminster Hall, which is the second debating chamber of the House of Commons. Liz Twist MP, a member of the Petitions Committee, will open the debate. 

This is great news and parental support is greatly appreciated. 

We need the government to hear how damaging the cuts to school funding have been. Schools across Gateshead are making very difficult decisions which will impact on the quality of education they can provide. Staff are being made redundant and vacant posts are not being filled. Many schools are having to cut back resources and reduce specialism in subjects like Music. All of this is bad for children’s education. 

Now that government are listening, we need to stress how important funding schools sufficiently is. Parents can help further. 

We are going to be asking parents to take a little time to contact their MP to let them know how they feel about this matter. If elected officials hear how parents, their constituents feel, then MPs can share parental voice in this important debate.

Parents can check who their MP is by quickly typing your post code on this website.   

If anyone is concerned about the impact of funding on our local schools then we’d urge them to please let their MP know, encourage them to attend the debate and to share their concerns. 

Our children deserve this.”

Schools North East will shortly be launching the #FundOurFuture campaign which will fight on behalf of schools for greater funding.

The campaign aims to mobilise schools, parents and relatives of pupils to take the Government to task over funding shortfalls which have seen an 8% real terms cut in per-pupil funding.

One thought on “MPs to debate Gateshead Heads’ funding petition

  1. Mustafaa Malik

    It is essential that school communities work together to ensure that government understand the strength of feeling that children’s futures are being impacted. It is fantastic to see parents and schools working as one which will, hopefully, have the desired outcome.

    Liked by 1 person

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