SNE launches inaugural CelebrateEd

Almost 300 teachers and education professionals from across the North have come together at Northumbria University Business school to attend CelebrateEd – two days celebrating the best in teaching practice in the North of England.

CelebrateEd featured over over 60 sessions across the two days with renowned speakers, local school leaders and frontline teachers sharing what works in their schools, as well as demonstrations from edtech companies, performances from local school groups and the Newcastle based Circus Central.

The event had a festival feel with a relaxed and informal setting for teachers to connect with colleagues and celebrate the work happening in the region, as well as the opportunity to enjoy a BBQ and ice cream.

Keynote speakers Alex Quigley and Rob Coe both emphasised the importance of using evidence to underpin decisions about how we teach and to help us understand how our students learn.

Underpinning CelebrateEd is the launch of the Ednorth programme, designed to cut through the fog of ‘expert’ guidance and commercial silver bullets and instead engage teachers in a community which can explore and implement solutions which work for their students.

Opening speaker Iain Veitch, Vice Chair of Schools North East and Head Teacher of Park View school in Chester-le-St, passionately outlined the history of the North East as one of ‘pioneers and dreamers’, telling delegates that ‘our students and teachers do not know that they are standing on the shoulders of giants.’ The region, however, has been overshadowed by a narrative of disadvantage, to which he urged that ‘we must not let their histories dictate our children’s future’s’. As a local Head Teacher, who is passionate about the region, Iain called on teachers to get involved in Ednorth, to give them a voice, to stand up to London-centric policies and guidance and to help establish the North as a cradle of innovative thinking in teaching.

Day one got the event off to a fantastic start, with delegates enthused about learning and sharing, and the event trending on Twitter. We are pleased to be able to continue the conversations for a second day and hope that this is a starting point for what in future can be the biggest event for teaching professionals, not only in the region, but the country, leading the way on best practice in education.

If you want to get involved with the Ednorth programme and sign up as an Advocate for your school and local area find out more at

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