Quarter of Secondary pupils receive private tuition

A report by the Sutton Trust has shown that 27% of secondary school pupils have received private tuition, with students from wealthier homes significantly more likely to have accessed extra support.

The Sutton Trust is calling on the Government to introduce a means tested scheme which would allow poorer families to access private tuition.

The figures show that a third of affluent children had a tutor while only a fifth of disadvantaged students did.

There were also stark regional differences with 41% of secondary pupils in London admitting to having a private tutor, while the North East had one of the lowest rates in the country. This is unsurprising given the high levels of long term economic deprivation faced by families across the region.

A spokesperson from the Department for Education said: “We have invested an extra £2.4bn this year alone through the pupil premium and schools have flexibility over how they use this funding, which can include providing one-to-one or small group tuition to ensure disadvantaged pupils get the extra support they need.”

However, Schools North East Director of Operations Chris Zarraga, said “The report shows that there is a significant wealth divide in those who can access private tuition, with the students from backgrounds and in areas which require the most extra support, the least likely to be able to afford it. This means that differing rates of access to private tuition will be contributing to the widening disadvantage gap in the North East.”

Further reading:

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