EPI analysis of main parties education policies supports SNE Manifesto ‘asks’

An EPI analysis of the main political parties’ manifestos has highlighted that no political party is likely to deliver on their promises to reduce disparity of opportunity. It warned that Conservative policies risk widening the disadvantage gap, and while Labour and Lib Dem early years and wider support policies may have a positive effect, their approaches to the accountability system could offset those gains.

The report, published this morning, claims ‘Although all parties have made bold pledges about reducing opportunity gaps and raising educational attainment, the policies in their manifestos are unlikely to deliver on these aspirations.’

The EPI’s findings support those in Schools North East’s own Manifesto for North East Education which highlights that the political parties have failed to look at contextual problems in education or put forward any cohesive approach to tackling this.

Alongside the analysis, the EPI has made recommendations as to what a successful party should do. Much of this, including targeted funding to tackle the disadvantage gap, and a greater focus on quality early years teaching and learning, not just childcare, are recommendations seen in our own Manifesto.

We will be continuing the work of our Manifesto throughout this academic year in a series of roundtable events. If you would like to have your say at these events you can register your interest online.

Further Reading

EPI – General election 2019: An analysis of manifesto plans for education

Schools North East – Manifesto for North East Education.

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