Free 60 Day Trial of Achieve3000 Literacy Programme (KS3-KS5)

Achieve3000 is the leading technology based literacy program for primary and secondary schools. Achieve3000 accelerates reading comprehension, vocabulary, fluency & writing skills, through age-appropriate text and activities differentiated to support all abilities (SEN, EAL, PP, just-below, mainstream and gifted all supported) at their own level. Used globally by over 2 million students in Primary, Secondary and Further Education and in some of the leading schools worldwide, Achieve3000 is proven to close the literacy gap.

Achieve3000 Features

  • Engaging non-fiction, cross curricular text and activities to motivate even the most reluctant of readers
  • Differentiated text for the individual, same topics for all (reading ages 5-17 years) supporting learners of ALL abilities.
  • Develops key comprehension strategies inc. main idea, making inferences, predictions, summarising & citing evidence.
  • Activities to help develop test readiness.
  • Instant feedback, and teacher reports help track progress and mastery of skills.
  • Use anytime, anywhere, web-based allowing for both school and home access.

Feedback from North East School: Hebburn Lakes Primary School

“We started using Achieve 3000 with our Year 5 classes last year. The various elements of the program are very easy to navigate, both for staff and children. The program itself differentiates texts to cater for all children, no matter what their ability. We have used it with whole class work as well as independent challenges. The children love to see their progress and track their points. Seeing that they have been the top scorer of the day/week in the whole school (or even Great Britain!) adds a great competitive element to the program and has helped to build the confidence of a lot of the children. As a teacher, the various assessment tools, which link closely to the National Curriculum, make data tracking much easier as reading evidence is clearly organised”

Hayley Ward Year 5 teacher.

Request a free 60 day trial & free onsite training by visiting Raising Literacy Standards in Education: or contact us on 0191 2155016. We will also be at this year’s SCHOOLS NorthEast Summit, BETT London & Education Show Birmingham.