School to welcome visitors from the Far East

Huntcliff School will again greet students and staff from its Chinese partner school when they visit from 4th to 6th July.

It is another chance for the school to solidify its partnership with the No. 17 Middle School in Bao Ding, China, which is celebrating its 10th year this year. Over 30 Chinese students will participate in the lessons of their Year 8 counterparts who will act as buddies, and also take part in activities such as a walk into Saltburn, a sports competition and a trip to Whitby.

Craig Rees, Assistant Headteacher, has been leading the decade-long partnership and is excited for another visit. He said, ‘its wonderful that we’ve still got such a strong partnership with the No. 17 Middle School and we’re really looking forward to them joining us for 3 days. Over the years its provided a great deal of opportunity for students; one in particular has gone on to teach English as a second language in China, which is fantastic’.

Chinese students will also work on the differences and similarities between the U.K and China in a cultural presentation task on the final day.